Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jurassic Pick - The iPad® app that lets you put everything to a vote!

     “What should we do?”

                                    “Where should we eat?”

                     “What should we watch?” 

You and your friends waste time debating these questions every day
but Jurassic Pick already knows the answer!

You can finally stop standing around—bored and starving—because you just can’t agree on what to do next. It's time to whip out Jurassic Pick, stop watching the paint dry, and start having fun!

Jurassic Pick is a highly addictive and entertaining group decision making tool based on the science of “Range Voting.” 

Decisions can be made quickly and fairly by allowing everyone the chance to vote for each option on a scale of 1 to 5. Don't have an opinion? No problem! "No Opinion" votes are perfectly valid and don't impact the outcome whatsoever!

After everyone's votes have been collected, the results are ranked—in order—based on the average score. By using Jurassic Pick to make your decisions, you're guaranteed the highest level of group satisfaction!

Here's a list of the great features you'll enjoy while using Jurassic Pick:

• Decision making for up to eight group members
• Fun prehistoric cartoon avatars with customizable names
• Choose up to eight options for any group decision
• Sophisticated voting procedures prevent cheating
• Comprehensive and accurate results

With Jurassic Pick's colorful and intuitive interface, it's sure to be a hit with all of your friends, family members, and co-workers!

So the next time you and your buddies are standing around trying to make a decision—don't just talk about it, Jurassic Pick it!

You know the question, Jurassic Pick knows the answer. 
What do you want to do?

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